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22 January 2018

Hey guys,

I’m so glad that you’re visiting this site. My name is Choon Sian. I’m the co-founder of Young Money Master. In just a while, I’m going to share with you WHY and HOW you can be financially smart! Please watch the following videos.
Why Youths Should Get Financial Education
Now you’re probably aware that the earlier you are financially educated,
the earlier you can achieve financial success!

When you are ready to learn about financial education, watch our next video!

The journey of your financial success begins here…
5 Elements Young Adults Must Master to be Financially Successful
We earnestly know these five elements are instrumental for your financial
success. Thus, we infuse them into Young Money Master’s curriculum.

Below are the key learning lessons you'll learn from our programme!
Highlights of Young Money Master !!!
Specifically, here are some exciting lessons you’ll learn...
  • “How-to-learn” and accelerate your learning process.
  • The 7 ultimate habits of a young money master that will transform you into an excellent young money manager.
  • To alleviate your non-supportive money beliefs that are hindering you from achieving financial success, and instill empowering ones that will propel you faster in attaining a rich quality life.
  • To develop positive money values so you can see differently, think differently, and act differently.
  • A powerful money management concept that will determine whether people are rich, poor, or middle-class for the rest of their life.
  • The world’s simplest money management system that even kindergarten children can master. Wealthy people aren’t any smarter; they’re just smarter at managing their money. And you gotta model that.
  • To identify good debts and bad debts, and how to leverage the good debts and avoid the bad debts.
  • The smart ways to use credit cards.
  • To discover your true purpose for wealth. The bigger the “Why”, the easier the “How”.
  • To discover your inner passion and talent that will allow you to live a fulfilling and rewarding life.
  • To make decisions that are aligned with your head and your heart.
  • To find a business or career that will best express your gift and talent.
  • To learn how to have BOTH financial success and personal fulfillment at the same time.
  • The principles of working smart - how they can be more productive and effective.
  • The one-word secret that will radically reduce the time it takes you to become financially free by HALF.
  • To collaborate with others in synergy to create opportunities.
  • To develop your strategic thinking, decision making, and problem solving skills.
  • To nurture good trading and negotiation skills.
  • To do your own personal balance sheet and income statement.
  • The different passive income vehicles available in today’s market.
  • To master the income patterns of different assets.
  • To generate passive income with any profession or job.
  • To build your capability to identify and utilize opportunities that will rake in windfall profits.
  • To devise your personal step-by-step financial blueprint to achieve your financial freedom.
How is the Program Being Run…
Young Money Master consists of a series of learning experiences using a simulation, games and highly interactive activities. A city is set up with infrastructures and facilities like college, bank, insurance company, exchange board, real estate agency, etc. to give you an early exposure to the financial and business world. It is exhilarating, but not the mundane and boring lecture style. Accelerated learning techniques are incorporated to catalyze your learning process and embed the learning points in your subconscious mind for life.
Young Money Master is not a 2-day Program,
but a LIFETIME Program!

After your wealth foundation is built at the bootcamp, you’ll also be continuously supported in your journey towards your financial success through our solid continuous learning system as below.

Unlimited Online Mentoring
You’ll not only have access to the trainers should you need any advice in the financial area, but will also receive 52-week money management tips via email beginning next year. You’ll be able to revise and refresh the money management skills that you’ve learned during the program for a whole long year.

Unlimited Re-attendance
You’re welcome to re-attend the future Young Money Master as a participant where you’ll get to reinforce all the learning points, embedding the lessons in your mind for life.

Monthly Community Financial Lesson
Graduates will form the community where you’ll meet once a month to go through financial classes following the modules that had been designed. The modules are based on technical financial knowledge ranging from stock investment to property. So just drop by any class that interest you. Plus, you’ll surround yourself with like-minded youths who will support you down your path to achieve financial success. Don’t you like it?

Facilitation Opportunities
You’ll have an opportunity to return to facilitate our future Young Money Master and mentor your juniors. You’ll not only learn all behind-the-scene works of the game and the fundamental essentials that drive the economy, but will also get to develop your leadership, mentoring, management and communication skills.
Our Founders
KC See
− Serial Entrepreneur    Author    International Trainer
KC See is a serial entrepreneur, author, international trainer, and co-founder of Young Money Master. He owns and runs several businesses in training and consulting, publishing, mobile app development, healthcare, and franchising with operation in five countries. He is a student of Robert Kiyosaki and was acknowledged in two of Robert’s books including – ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. To date, he has written five books, two of which are financial books, including the bestseller ‘Leveraging Time to create Wealth’. KC has trained and mentored over 90,000 professionals, teachers, and students across the globe over the last 29 years. He is also the founder of the famous Money Mastery Mentorship Programme, having coached over 9,000 people in wealth creation over the last 16 years.
Choon Sian
− Trainer    Entrepreneur
Choon Sian is the CEO of LifeChamp and the co-founder of Young Money Master. He is also Certified Professional Trainer and a columnist of Malaysia’s most visited entrepreneurship website - NextUpAsia. He began learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC) at the age of 19, and he adopts accelerated learning techniques in the program to catalyze the learning process. Coming from a humble background, he has lived financially dependent on himself since he was 18 years old. He started learning investment at the age of 18, and began investing in shares and forex at 19. He was one of the youngest youths to be invited to TV and radio shows to share about money management among the youths. Academic wise, he holds a first-class honours degree in Actuarial Science from National University of Malaysia. He was a distinguished international scholarship recipient - John Culver Wooddy Scholarship, which is awarded annually to the world top 14 actuarial students.
What our participants say about our program!
Jennifer Tan, Selangor
This programme is great! It helps me to understand my financial literacy level and strengthen my fundamental foundation. I have a better picture of the financial world and how to go about doing it. What I like most is the designed simulation game and the environment to learn and excel in the financial world. With new elements introduced into the games gradually, it brings us to experience the ‘safe financial world’.
Chong Pearl Lynn, Kuala Lumpur
I enjoyed the way they used activities to help stimulate the economy. It was able to create a lasting impression and also gave a rough idea of how finance in the real world can be at times. It educated me on what to do with the money.
Lim Tze Mun, Kuala Lumpur
The simulation clearly resembles the real life. I learn the way to build my passive income in utmost clarity through the simulation! The income and expenditure diagram is especially powerful. I learned a great deal about assets, liabilities and its flow. I practiced doing my money management. Now I know how I can achieve my financial freedom in the real life, step-by-step! This programme is definitely good for students who wish to excel financially in the real world.
Many students from all over Malaysia are transformed after Young Money Master programme! Now the question you may have in mind could be HOW MUCH is the fee.

The programme fee is RM 1, 990.

It covers the meal for the bootcamp, learning material, a cool t-shirt, the cost for your lifetime learning, etc. You’ll be joining a community of driven, like-minded young financial elites who are serious about improving their financial IQ.
Why Enroll in Young Money Master
You know what? We have a GIFT for you!
The staffs at Young Money Master are always doing our best to make this program affordable to as many youths as possible! Because of the financial assistance from our partners, we’re so excited to announce that we make it possible to award 50 scholarships worth RM1, 000 each to needy youths to attend Young Money Master.

In other words, you only need to invest RM990 in your education!

However, the scholarship is on first come-first served basis! Once they have all been awarded, you’ll have to invest RM1,990 in Young Money Master. So why wait? Join us NOW! Your friends are going to hate you if you don’t share this with them. In fact, you should share this gift with EVERYONE you truly care about. If you introduce your friends to join Young Money Master, you will be rewarded with a mysterious gift on the first day of the bootcamp for your kind effort! So why not ask your friends now – the more the merrier!
Oh ya, we’re also on social media. Stay connected to us to receive latest information and amazing offers of our life-transforming programs.
I believe there are no accidents in this universe and that you wouldn’t be on this site if you’re not supposed to receive this special gift and be in this program. You attract it to your life. However, if you hesitate further, you’re denying your very chance to be financially successful at a young age.

“I wanna be a billionaire…so frickin bad…”

This song strikes a chord within our hearts. Nonetheless it’ll no longer be a song to you, but a dream come true IF you get out of your comfort zone NOW and take the necessary action to educate yourself financially.

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. ~ Benjamin Franklin

And remember…

It’s in the moment of decision that your destiny is shaped. – Tony Robbins

So give yourself the great opportunity to soar well above the rest.

Towards Building Life Champions,

A Subsidiary of Quest Group

P.S. The seating capacity is limited because we always want to give our closest attention to each one of you for your maximum learning experience! If you miss it now, you’ll have to wait for the next enrollment. So apply for it NOW before they are taken!

P.P.S. If by the 3pm of the first day you feel you haven't received the value of your investment, we'll make FULL refund to you! We GUARANTEE results!

Date: 29-30 March 2014
Venue: HELP College, Fraser Business Park KL
Time: 9am – 10.30pm each day
Who is it for: Youths from 16-24 years old

Investment: RM 1,490 (First 20 scholars)
RM 1,990 (Without Scholarship)
*This payment gateway is managed by MasteryAsia (M) Sdn. Bhd., a sister company of LifeChamp Sdn. Bhd.

**This is a 2-day non-residential program. However, we’ll facilitate the arrangement of accommodation of outstation students.

***Do come early each day for maximum learning experience.

****Meals will be provided.

****Our sponsors reserve the right to reject any scholarship application should the applicant be deemed unfit to be a recipient. However, if the applicant is not awarded the scholarship, full refund will be made to him/her less any e-payment gateway charges.