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From the desk of Choon Sian,

Hey awesome people,

I’m so glad that you are visiting this site because I’m giving out a mysterious gift to the first 100 visitors to this site!

Would you like to learn how adults play the money game to win?

Would you like to find out your inner undiscovered passion that can be aligned with your career choice?

Would you feel happier if you will never ever need to depend on your parents financially?

In just a moment, I’m going to share with you how this gift will help you fulfill the above objectives, which will positively and powerfully impact your life, forever! I’m so excited! I’m sure you are going to love it so much!

My name is Choon Sian. I run a youth development organization called LifeChamp, where we are dedicated to accelerating your journey to success. I also co-founded Young Money Master – a financial education program for youth that develops your financial intelligence through a creative marketplace simulation game.

Not many young adults have much clue about how the financial ecosystem operates – the capital market, property market, business environment - as we’re often told to study hard and ace exams, overlooking the importance of financial education. As you sit in front of your computer, reading this message, you may begin to realize that the school is a place that teaches you about technical knowledge in order to prepare you for a job. Your professors, lecturers, and teachers rarely teach you about financial education, do they? But don’t we deserve a proper financial education in order to attain a rich quality life in the future?
… of being exposed to this financial environment and knowledge at a young age, either being taught by their well-to-do parents or being inquisitive enough to search for knowledge, like me. On the contrary, people who are less financially literate are deprived of the opportunity to succeed financially while young, and may end up falling victim to numerous get-rich-quick schemes.

Think about it…

Wouldn’t it be great if you are exposed to the financial environment at a young age? Chances are high that you will be a millionaire by 30 when you start to arm yourself with financial knowledge at the age of 20.

Imagine how COOL, mature, and knowledgeable you will sound when you converse in financial language with the adults…

I want to bring this unfair advantage to everyone.
If no, Wow! You’re one good independent kid and I wanna commend you for your independence! Bravo! Otherwise, I’d like to suggest to you to start educating yourself financially. And when you do, you will begin to be able to identify hidden opportunities that may potentially generate you a windfall income, or may dramatically set you up on an adventurous entrepreneurial journey.

Wouldn’t you feel great when you can afford to buy something you wish without asking money from your parents?

Wouldn’t it be good to lighten your parents’ burden while you are studying and be an awesome contributor to your parents’ financial support?

Wouldn’t it be great to EXPAND your capability to earn money yourself?

Imagine the day when you will never ever need to depend on your parents, financially…

How proud you will feel…

How gratified your parents will feel…
Each of us is unique and different. Each of us has something special to offer the world. Each of us has our own natural gifts and talents. But because of the Asian education system and upbringing, most of us tend to have our gifts, passions, and aptitudes buried. That is a great treasure lost. Don’t you think so?

A life without cause is a life without effect. ~ Albert Einstein

To be truly happy, we must use our gifts to add value to the lives of others. If you haven’t found your gifts or passion, fret not, this gift will help you discover your true passion, make decisions that are aligned with your head and your heart, find a business or career that best expresses your gift and allows you to create wealth, and provide you a step-by-step roadmap for making your vision a reality. Isn’t that wonderful?

Think about the flip side: How miserable will you feel when you have to go to work every day doing things you hate just for the sake of the paycheck?

In contrast, how happy and fulfilled will you feel when you can’t wait to wake up every day to go to your workplace to work on something you are so much in love with and so passionate about? The icing on the cake is that you still get paid for it. How amazing it is to live a life like that!

We can guide you to achieve just that!

Now it’s time to unwrap the gift!
Introducing Young Money Master
I’m going to gift you with a SCHOLARSHIP to attend Young Money Master Program! Young Money Master is a pragmatic lifetime financial education program to provide you with a big head start in your working life toward achieving financial success at a young age. It begins with a 3-day bootcamp composed of a creative marketplace simulation that is designed to provide an environment for you to experience the process of earning money, fine-tune your money mindset, discover your passion, and learn the fundamental financial foundation to live a rich quality life. It follows by a yearlong mentorship and a series of lifelong learning experiences. It is fun, exciting, and it invigorates your mind to achieve things you’d never expect!
When you are sufficiently equipped in these areas, you can stand head and shoulders above all your peers.
Highlights of Young Money Master !!!
Specifically, here are some exciting lessons you’ll learn...
  • The 7 ultimate habits of a young money master that will eternally transform you into an excellent young money manager.
  • To alleviate your non-supportive money beliefs that are hindering you from achieving financial success, and instill empowering ones that will propel you faster in attaining a rich quality life.
  • To develop positive money values so you can see differently, think differently, and act differently.
  • The world’s simplest money management system that even kindergarten children can master. Wealthy people aren’t any smarter; they’re just smarter at managing their money. And you gotta model that.
  • To discover your true purpose for wealth. The bigger the “Why”, the easier the “How”.
  • To discover your inner passion that will allow you to live a fulfilling and rewarding life.
  • To find a business or career that best expresses your gift and allows you to create wealth.
  • To make decisions that are aligned with your head and your heart.
  • The one-word secret that will radically reduce the time it takes you to become financially free by HALF.
  • To collaborate with others in synergy to create opportunities.
  • To develop your strategic thinking skill.
  • To make your own personal balance sheet and income statement.
  • To develop your risk management skill.
  • The different passive income vehicles available in today’s market.
  • To devise your personal step-by-step financial blueprint to achieve your financial freedom.
  • To build your capability to identify and utilize opportunities that will rake in windfall profits.
  • To profit in up and down markets.
  • To create money with large/small deals, capital gains, or cash flow.
  • To master the tools of the technical investor like short selling.
  • To generate passive income with any profession or job.
Young Money Master consists of a series of learning experiences using a simulation, games and highly interactive activities. A city is set up with infrastructures and facilities like college, bank, casino, police station, prison, city hall, country club, exchange board, real estate agency, etc. to give you an early exposure to the financial and business world. It is exhilarating, but not the mundane and boring lecture style. Accelerated learning techniques are incorporated to catalyze your learning process and embed the learning points in your subconscious mind for life.

We’ve got two dynamic trainers to guide you on your journey to be financially successful.
KC See
− Serial Entrepreneur    Author    International Trainer
KC See is a serial entrepreneur, author, international trainer, and co-founder of Young Money Master. He owns and runs several businesses in training and consulting, publishing, mobile app development, healthcare, and franchising with operation in five countries. He is a student of Robert Kiyosaki and was acknowledged in two of Robert’s books including – ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. To date, he has written five books, two of which are financial books, including the bestseller ‘Leveraging Time to create Wealth’.

KC has trained and mentored over 90,000 professionals, teachers, and students across the globe over the last 27 years. He is also the founder of the famous Money Mastery Mentorship Programme, having coached over 9,000 people in wealth creation over the last 15 years.
Choon Sian
− Trainer    Entrepreneur
(That's me) Okay, I know I shouldn't be blowing my own horn here, so you can really skip this part if you’d like to. But if you’d like to know me further, then here it is…

I’m a certified professional trainer by International Professional Managers Association (IPMA), UK. I’m the co-founder of Young Money Master. I began learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC) at the age of 19, and I adopt accelerated learning techniques in the program to catalyze the learning process.

Coming from a humble background, I have lived financially dependent on myself since I was 18 years old. I started learning investment at the age of 18, and began investing in shares and forex at 19. Academic wise, I hold a first-class honours degree in Actuarial Science from National University of Malaysia. I was a distinguished international scholarship recipient - John Culver Wooddy Scholarship, which is awarded annually to the world top 14 actuarial students.
Young Money Master is priced at RM 1,990. But because it’s the first time we are running it and we manage to raise some sponsorship to cover part of the cost, we can…
Make the Tuition Fee FREE for You!!!
Yes, this is the gift that I have been talking about! You don’t have to pay for the cost of the workshop and the program fee. You only need to cover your own cost of coming – meal, shirt, learning material, etc., which is ONLY RM 490. This is absolutely a no-brainer. However, this gift (RM 1, 500 scholarship) is only extended to people who register early! If you register late, a portion of the tuition fee is going to be charged, which makes the price - RM 990 (RM 1,000 off the original price – RM 1, 990). So get the gift now before the price is raised to RM 990!
Anyone in the right mind will know that the cost of the workshop far exceeds that amount. Even the training fee alone is beyond imaginable. Truth to be told, the HOURLY corporate training fee for Mr. KC See is 900 US Dollars, and he is going to spend 3 full days with you to develop your financial intelligence. $900 x 34 hours = $30, 600 = RM 91, 800. You would have earned his time worth RM 91, 800.

This is not a seminar, preview, or an introductory course, but a 3-full-day structured, effective program designed to accelerate your journey to financial freedom. Anyone who has attended any previews will know that the market rate for a 3-day financial education program will easily cost a few thousands. Plus, Young Money Master is modeled and created based on the success system of the Money Mastery Mentorship Programme - a financial education programme for adults which has created a humongous impact across Asia Pacific! Over the last 15 years, Money Mastery has helped more than 9,000 lives to improve their lives, achieve their financial goals and quality of life they have always dreamt about.
This is not just a 3-day Program,
but a Lifetime Program!
Yes, Young Money Master is a lifelong program designed for your continuous learning and growth. From time to time, we’ll surprise you with amazing gifts that are meant exclusively for our graduates. Let’s see what extraordinary bonuses you’ll get for the time being.
Unlimited Re-attendance
You’re welcome to re-attend the future Young Money Master as a participant where you’ll get to reinforce all the learning points, embedding the lessons in your mind for life.
Unlimited Online Mentoring
You’ll not only have access to the trainers should you need any advice in the financial area, but will also receive 52-week money management tips via email beginning next year. You’ll be able to revise and refresh the money management skills that you’ve learned during the program for a whole long year.
Monthly Community Financial Lesson
Graduates will form the community where you’ll meet once a month to go through financial classes following the modules that had been designed. The modules are based on technical financial knowledge ranging from stock investment to property. So just drop by any class that interest you. Plus, you’ll surround yourself with like-minded youths who will support you down your path to achieve financial success. Don’t you like it?
Facilitation Opportunities
You’ll have an opportunity to return to facilitate our future Young Money Master and mentor your juniors. You’ll not only learn all behind-the-scene works of the game and the fundamental essentials that drive the economy, but will also get to develop your leadership, mentoring, management and communication skills.

There are another three reasons we want you to cover your own cost of coming.

Firstly, we only want serious people who are committed to improving their financial intelligence to come into the program. We don’t want people who just treat it as another “FREE” event and come with the intention to make new friends. In other words, you will only mingle with a community of driven, like-minded friends. Who knows, you might meet your future partners who share a similar goal with you, be it business or… ‘personal’. You get what I mean.

Secondly, we want you to have the maximum learning experience. Believe it or not, when you invest money in your learning, you will learn a lot more than when you attend a free program. The rationale being that your psychology and attitude will be completely different as you will treat it as a more valuable and precious program. Don’t ya agree?

Thirdly, we have limited seating capacity. Obviously we don’t have the capacity to serve everybody for the time being. Although it’s our mission to develop as many youths as possible, there is still a limit for the number of participants we can serve for this workshop. By setting it in a way that you cover your own cost of attending, we can limit our participants to people who are serious about being financially savvy, giving our closest attention to a group of enthusiastic learners. And you definitely deserve our attention.
The programme will definitely be more fun and meaningful if you come with your friends. I bet they are going to hate you if you don’t share this with them. In fact, you should share this gift with EVERYONE you truly care about.
Oh ya, we’re also on social media. Stay connected to us to receive latest information and amazing offers of our life-transforming programs.
Enroll me into Young Money Master!
Date: 1-3 Feb 2013
Venue: HELP Collage of Art and Technology
Time: 9am – 10pm each day
Investment: RM 1, 990
RM 490 (First 50 scholars)
RM 990 (Next 50 scholars)
**This is a 3-day non-residential program.

**Do come early each day for maximum learning experience.

**Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided.

**Our sponsors have the right to choose the scholarship recipients. However, if you are not awarded the scholarship, full refund will be made to you less any
   e-payment gateway charges.